You are Changing Lives for the Better; One Fundraiser at a Time

“My parents couldn’t afford the trip. Then I learned what I could do to change that. I had the chance to fundraise!” stated 15 year old, Maya, as she realized how fundraising would be her path to join her music class on their trip to Nashville, Tennessee.

You are more than an amazing fundraising group coordinator; you are enriching the lives of children in so many more ways than you’ll ever know! How? Read the list or check out the infographic below!

10 Ways Fundraising Enriches the Lives of Kids

Fundraising allows kids to:

  1. Work for something they are passionate about
  2. Set and achieve goals
  3. Improve teamwork abilities
  4. Learn about monetary responsibility
  5. Create good time management habits
  6. Develop project planning skills
  7. Enhance interpersonal communication
  8. Provide customer service
  9. Handle objections, questions, and rejection
  10. Establish business ethics

These are life skills that all kids need to learn, develop, and improve. Fundraising is one of the best ways to safely allow kids the opportunity to practice in real life.

What special ways have you enriched the lives of others? Please share with us!


Focus on the Dollars and Cents – Not the Profit Percents!

When it comes to fundraising, a wise man once said, “You can’t deposit percents into your bank account.”

What you can deposit, is a high, per-item profit on each item sold!

Choose a simple fundraiser offering at least $5.00 per item profit. This will help you achieve your goals faster and with less overall effort.

While 50% or higher profit can seem like a great deal, be sure you know exactly how much work you are getting yourself into. This often times mean you are paying for the hidden “fees” of:

  • up-front purchases
  • delivery fees
  • no fundraising support, resources, or tools
  • long-term contracts
  • low per-item profit
  • more work for you and your sellers

Check out the helpful infographic below to see how much a high, per-item profit can help you to maximize your fundraising goals!

Maximize Fundraising Profits

Buzz, The Fundraising Fly!
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Motivation Monday

Looking to get your sellers motivated?

Use this Pizza Party pass to encourage your group to meet their individual fundraising goals.

Be sure to be check back for more Motivation Monday ideas!







Buzz, The Fundraising Fly!
*Brought to you by Butter Braid® Brand Fundraising