Turn a Butter Braid Pastry Box into Craft Storage

Do you need a use for that Butter Braid pastry box? It is time to start repurposing them! All it takes is some duct tape and a scissors. Great for the crafty mom, daycare provider, school teacher or anyone who needs storage for art supplies!

First step is to cut off the top 4 panels. Take the longest two and cut enough off so they can slide down into the box (the short way) to create “compartments”. This will create 3 different compartments.


Take the duct tape and start to wrap it around the box until it is covered.

For this box we decided to store some art/craft supplies – crayons, colored pencils and markers! Great way for the kids to have easy access to the supplies and even keeps them organized.


Happy crafting/organizing!

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12 Tips On Keeping You Inspired

You may think that staying inspired 24/7 is impossible, but having inspiration each day is a key factor in achieving our goals. Some of the tips in this post may seem like common sense, but it’s surprising how many people forget about them.

Part 1: Stay Healthy

  1. Drink a glass of water.
    • When you wake up each morning, drink a glass of water. Overnight, your body gets dehydrated after going hours without anything to drink. A glass of water when you wake up will leave you hydrated and feeling fresh.
  2. Move and sweat.
    • Many people dread daily exercise. What they may not know is that exercising every day can boost your energy level, improve your mood, and relieve stress.
  3. Get some sleep.
    • Experts say that if you feel drowsy during the day, you haven’t had enough sleep. The average adult needs 7-9 hours a night, however, some people need as little as 6 hours or as many as 10 hours of sleep. Getting enough rest provides you with the energy you need.

Part 2: Plan Your Day

  1. Top 3 tasks.
  2. Each morning, conduct a list of the top 3 tasks you want to accomplish that day. Focus on completing these items before you tackle anything else. This keeps you organized and directed.
  3. The 50/10 rule.
  4. Never just work until you feel like taking a break. Work on one important task for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. This allows you to refocus.
  5. Reflect daily.
    • Try ending your day with 10 minutes of reflection. This also allows you to self-evaluate.

Part 3: Keep Learning

  1. Read.
    • Although not everyone may enjoy reading, it increases knowledge, which in turn keeps you inspired. Challenge yourself to read something useful at least once a week.
  2. Browse.
    • Some of us may do this daily without even knowing it. Browsing, such as watching tutorials or conducting research, can increase our capabilities.
  3. Brainstorm.
    • Taking the time to brainstorm may be more useful than you might think. Brainstorming is the key to bringing out your creativity.

Part 4: Focus on What Makes You Happy

  1. Express gratitude.
    • Gratitude promotes happiness. Challenge yourself each month to think of 10 things you are grateful for.
  2. Clean your desk.
    • Unless you are someone who absolutely loves having everything in front of you all at once, a tidy desk can give you energy and inspiration. A clean space allows you to focus on the work that needs to be done.
  3. Indulge in your favorite things.
  4. Always remember to set aside time for yourself to just relax. It is important to go out and enjoy your favorite things, such as going for a bike ride or playing with your pet.

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12 Tips on Staying Inspired


10 Fundraising Tips: The Big Picture

10 Fundraising Tips: The Big Picture

  1. Maximize value to maximize results: Make this tip your mantra.
    • More value = more prospects
    • More value = more buyers
    • More value = more money for your group
  2. State a value proposition
    • In 2 sentences or less, summarize what you’re doing and why
    • What is your fundraiser all about?
    • Include a call-to-action in all of your communication efforts
  3. Set a public goal
    • As a fundraising group, make a goal, commit to it and state it publicly
    • This causes your mind to read it as a verbal commitment
    • Aim high, but keep your goal realistic
    • Structure sales efforts to emphasize and reward your goal achievements
  4. Everyone take ownership
    • Everyone on your fundraiser team should be committed to doing what it takes to reach your groups goal
    • Make sure everyone takes ownership on your fundraisers success- on an individual level, as well as group level
  5. Keep it fun
    • Plan fun things to do during each stage of the process that reward involvement
    • Remember that fun is part of fundraising
  6. Provide alternative options
    • Keep in mind that some people just don’t like fundraisers, but are willing to contribute in another way
    • Explore different ways to interact with the community to make them want to be involved
  7. Quality, quality, quality
    • Quality work = more sales
    • Quality rewards = more motivation
    • Quality program = builds confidence, which leads to success
  8. Avoid any risk taking
    • Seller safety should be your highest priority
    • All neighborhood sales should include adult accompaniment
  9. Have a written project plan
    • Think of your fundraiser as a small business
    • Write out a plan that states all roles and responsibilities
    • Fill the roles with the right individual and provide them with everything they need to do a great job
  10. Help others
    • Increase your team’s visibility by giving back
    • For example, your group could volunteer to help with charities, write letters to the military or anything else that may have special meaning to your group

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The Big Picture

5 Qualities To Look For In A Fundraising Partner

Do you need to raise funds, but you aren’t sure how to get started? The first thing to do is to find a fundraising partner that will be there for you through the entire fundraising process. Below are 5 qualities you should be looking for in a fundraising partner.

  1. Impeccable Integrity – The fundraising partner will always treat you and your customers with respect.
  2. Good Listener – The fundraising partner is truly listening to your needs and coming up with a solution to meet those needs.
  3. Ability To Motivate – The fundraising partner will go out of their way to motivate not only you but also your group. Coming up with creative ways to help you meet your goal.
  4. Supportive – Not hitting your goals mid-way through your fundraiser? The fundraising partner will be their to support you and come up with a plan to help you.
  5. Great Customer Service – Feeling overwhelmed? The fundraising partner will be there through the entire process and be willing to help whenever needed.

Be sure to run through this list before signing on for your next fundraiser. Good luck!

5 Qualities For FR Partner

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4 Simple Ways To Evaluate Your Fundraiser

You’ve met your goal and you think “success”. But is it true? How do you know you couldn’t have raised more?

Doing a fundraiser evaluation is so important. Yes, you raised the money, but what about volunteer morale, customer satisfaction and the whole fundraiser process. This is what will impact you on your next fundraiser.

Here are four simple steps:

#1 Have a plan to get feedback before you start
Build it into the planning stages so it everyone knows you will be asking for this ahead of time and it will not be viewed as extra work at the end.

#2 Ask Everyone
Make an effort to hear from everyone involved: volunteers, students, supporters, teachers, etc. This will help you find a specific problem and you will be able to find areas of improvement. Ask questions such as, “what worked?”, “what didn’t?”, and “what would you change?”. This will help you get constructive feedback, verses a list of complaints or compliments.

#3 Make It Easy
Make it quick. For example, deliver a survey to your email list. Make a round of phone calls to volunteers. Place a comment card with every order. Send a feedback form home with a thank you note to parents.

#4 Give an Incentive
A good way to break through the “I’m too busy” excuse for not returning the forms is to offer an incentive. Such as: a discount at local restaurant or free product from fundraiser. Enter everyone’s name into a drawing and draw one name.
Constructive feedback on your fundraising program can help boost morale, not just correct flaws. Here is to a great fundraiser!


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10 Tips For Higher Fundraiser Sales

An important factor for increasing your fundraising sales and ultimately the success of your fundraiser is how well the fundraiser is promoted.


Top 10 Tips to Increase Fundraiser Sales and Success!
1. Send a letter to parents
2. Hold a kick-off event
3. Place an article in your group’s newsletter
4. Set up a group page on Facebook
5. Create a Facebook event
6. Plaster posters throughout your school and community
7. Put up yard signs
8. Use local newspapers, television, and radio to spread the word
9. Send email blasts
10. Use group/school website to promote your fundraiser

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