10 Fundraising Tips: The Big Picture

10 Fundraising Tips: The Big Picture

  1. Maximize value to maximize results: Make this tip your mantra.
    • More value = more prospects
    • More value = more buyers
    • More value = more money for your group
  2. State a value proposition
    • In 2 sentences or less, summarize what you’re doing and why
    • What is your fundraiser all about?
    • Include a call-to-action in all of your communication efforts
  3. Set a public goal
    • As a fundraising group, make a goal, commit to it and state it publicly
    • This causes your mind to read it as a verbal commitment
    • Aim high, but keep your goal realistic
    • Structure sales efforts to emphasize and reward your goal achievements
  4. Everyone take ownership
    • Everyone on your fundraiser team should be committed to doing what it takes to reach your groups goal
    • Make sure everyone takes ownership on your fundraisers success- on an individual level, as well as group level
  5. Keep it fun
    • Plan fun things to do during each stage of the process that reward involvement
    • Remember that fun is part of fundraising
  6. Provide alternative options
    • Keep in mind that some people just don’t like fundraisers, but are willing to contribute in another way
    • Explore different ways to interact with the community to make them want to be involved
  7. Quality, quality, quality
    • Quality work = more sales
    • Quality rewards = more motivation
    • Quality program = builds confidence, which leads to success
  8. Avoid any risk taking
    • Seller safety should be your highest priority
    • All neighborhood sales should include adult accompaniment
  9. Have a written project plan
    • Think of your fundraiser as a small business
    • Write out a plan that states all roles and responsibilities
    • Fill the roles with the right individual and provide them with everything they need to do a great job
  10. Help others
    • Increase your team’s visibility by giving back
    • For example, your group could volunteer to help with charities, write letters to the military or anything else that may have special meaning to your group

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The Big Picture

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