10 Tips For Higher Fundraiser Sales

An important factor for increasing your fundraising sales and ultimately the success of your fundraiser is how well the fundraiser is promoted.


Top 10 Tips to Increase Fundraiser Sales and Success!
1. Send a letter to parents
2. Hold a kick-off event
3. Place an article in your group’s newsletter
4. Set up a group page on Facebook
5. Create a Facebook event
6. Plaster posters throughout your school and community
7. Put up yard signs
8. Use local newspapers, television, and radio to spread the word
9. Send email blasts
10. Use group/school website to promote your fundraiser

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Keep Your Fundraiser Sweet & Simple

Looking for a positive fundraising experience?

Make sure your next fundraiser has these 3 simple characteristics:

1.  Simple Program

  • Focus on one highly desired product and brand with high per-item profit for maximum results and delivery ease!

2.  Simple Pricing

  • Ensure there are only one or two price points for easy payment and profit calculation!

3.  Simple Form

  • A one-page form can save customers’ time by making their decisions easier and your sellers only have to keep track of ONE piece of paper!

Remember this formula for your next fundraiser:



Buzz, The Fundraising Fly!
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#1 Reason Customers Don’t Buy

What is the #1 Reason Customers Don’t Buy from a Fundraiser?

67% were never asked.

Spread the word about your next fundraising sale!

Save and share the image below for tips on where and whom to sell to.

Fundraising Purchases

Buzz, The Fundraising Fly!
*Brought to you by Butter Braid® Brand Fundraising