3 Ways To Maximize Fundraising Profit

With school starting, that means fundraising will be just around the corner! We LOVE fundraising and are excited to share this infographic with you all. By taking these 3 ways to maximize your fundraising profit into consideration you will be sure to hit your fundraising goal in no time.

1. Choose High Per-Item Profit
Focus on $$ – Not %’s


2. Get Rid of Contracts and Upfront Purchases
Don’t get locked in or start off in the red

3. Time is Money – Keep it Simple
Don’t forget about the hidden costs of complexity

Buzz, the Fundraising Fly
*Brought to you by Butter Braid Brand Fundraising

Fundraising Buzz Card Checklist

With school starting for many and others very soon we wanted to get the Fundraising Buzz Card Checklist out for you! This is a very handy tool when you are searching for a fundraising company.

Simply go through the checklist to be sure that you are selecting the fundraising company that is best for you and your group.

Here is to a successful school year and successful fundraising year! Go ahead and share this with all your fundraising friends and family.

Fundraising Checklist

Buzz, The Fundraising Fly!
*Brought to you by Butter Braid Brand Fundraising