4 Common Myths Of Fundraising

Below is a list of some of the most common fundraising myths.

The first myth “fundraising is impossible and it is hard work.” Fundraising may seem like a lot of hard work, but a group leader with the right set of skills and qualifications may be your key to success. A great group leader invests their time into planning for your fundraiser in advance, surrounds themselves with determined and competent teammates, and takes advantage of the resources available to them. With the right tools and company, fundraising will be a breeze.

A second common fundraising myth is that “fundraising is not fun.” Although some claim this as a true statement, it does not have to be. If you are simply unmotivated, then maybe fundraising is not for you. It is your job to put the FUN in fundraising. Try using creative incentives, take pictures along the way, offer fun prizes for reaching certain goals, show appreciation and always say thank you!

“Small groups yield small profits.” This is simply not true. Small fundraising groups with the right amount of determination can be just as successful as larger fundraising groups. Success comes to anyone who is not afraid to ask! Always invest 100%, never forget to believe in your fundraiser and most importantly never forget to believe in yourself.

The fourth fundraising myth is that “change is negative.” Change is GOOD! If something is not working in your fundraising program, making a change may be just what you need. It couldn’t hurt, right? A change every once in a while generates excitement and brings your fundraiser a new spark of life.

Overall, with a positive attitude you can overcome these fundraising myths. Try to see the good in your fundraiser rather than weighing on the negativity you may feel. Surround yourself with optimism, work hard, prepare, have fun, and always remember to believe in what you are asking others to support.

Buzz, The Fundraising Fly *Brought to you by Butter Braid® Brand Fundraising

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