Why People Volunteer and Why People Don’t Volunteer

A great article on PTO Today’s website. Reasons why people volunteer and reasons why people don’t volunteer.

According to researchers there are six motivators for people to volunteer.

People volunteer to:
1. Make a difference in others’ lives
2. Support an organization, community, or cause
3. Learn something new
4. Develop personally or professionally
5. Feel better about themselves
6. Meet people

It is best when people do volunteer to give them an activity that matches their interests and expertise.

To read the full article: http://www.ptotoday.com/pto-today-articles/article/5940-why-dont-people-volunteer

16-23 WhatsMatterPeople FINAL.indd

Image source: http://www.ptotoday.com/pto-today-articles/article/5940-why-dont-people-volunteer

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