How Long Should You Run Your Fundraiser?

Many people wonder what is the right length of time to run their fundraiser.

It’s a good question! Below are tips for helping you pick the right length for your fundraiser.

The most important thing is making sure you have a firm starting and ending date.  Sellers need to know the deadline for the fundraiser so they can stay motivated!

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Build a Connection with Your Fundraising Helpers

Do you have a group of volunteers/helpers that help you with your fundraiser(s)? It says something when someone chooses to volunteer their time and energy to support your organization.

How can you show them you appreciate their time and effort? Take the time to get people engaged and create opportunities for people to get together socially once or twice a year, with no fundraising agenda. As people get to know one another and form friendships, they are more likely to stay involved and help out.

Below is a list of a few ideas:

Build A Connection

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3 Tips to a Successful Fundraising Kick Off!

A parent meeting with sellers is key! It’s crucial they understand the importance of the fundraiser-i.e. what the money is going towards, why it’s necessary, and what impact will it have on their child. Below are three tips to a successful parent meeting! 3 Tips to a Successful FR Kick (3)

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Focus on the Dollars and Cents – Not the Profit Percents!

When it comes to fundraising, a wise man once said, “You can’t deposit percents into your bank account.”

What you can deposit, is a high, per-item profit on each item sold!

Choose a simple fundraiser offering at least $5.00 per item profit. This will help you achieve your goals faster and with less overall effort.

While 50% or higher profit can seem like a great deal, be sure you know exactly how much work you are getting yourself into. This often times mean you are paying for the hidden “fees” of:

  • up-front purchases
  • delivery fees
  • no fundraising support, resources, or tools
  • long-term contracts
  • low per-item profit
  • more work for you and your sellers

Check out the helpful infographic below to see how much a high, per-item profit can help you to maximize your fundraising goals!

Maximize Fundraising Profits

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