3 Parent Letters You Should Send During Your Next Sale!

Use parent letters to get your parents involved! Communicate fundraising specifics to gain parental participation. This will lead to higher profits for your group! Be clear, specific, and direct so your parents know how they can help and what to expect.

Parent Letter (2)

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How To Use Social Media For Fundraiser Success!

Do you need ideas of what to post on social media sites about your fundraiser! Use these 3 simple post ideas to generate buzz for your group.

Good luck!

How To Use Social For Fundraiser Success!

Buzz, The Fundraising Fly!
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Choose a Fundraiser That’s Right for You!

All product fundraisers are NOT created equal. 

The infographic below compares a monthly grocery fundraising program and a two week product fundraiser.

Maximize your profits and minimize your time spent by choosing a simple fundraiser!

Fundraiser Comparison Infographic

Double Your Fundraising Sales Results

Getting everyone in your group to participate in a fundraising sale can make a big difference in your success!

Check out the infographic to see how much of a difference!

Three simple things to increase your participation today:

  • Goal-setting – individual and group
  • Communication – to involve sellers and parents
  • Motivation – to reward participation

Talk to your local fundraising expert today to find out other ways to improve your fundraising sales results!