Motivation Monday

Looking to get your sellers motivated?

Use this extra recess time pass to encourage the seller to meet their individual fundraising goals.

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Buzz, The Fundraising Fly!
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Keep Your Fundraiser Sweet & Simple

Looking for a positive fundraising experience?

Make sure your next fundraiser has these 3 simple characteristics:

1.  Simple Program

  • Focus on one highly desired product and brand with high per-item profit for maximum results and delivery ease!

2.  Simple Pricing

  • Ensure there are only one or two price points for easy payment and profit calculation!

3.  Simple Form

  • A one-page form can save customers’ time by making their decisions easier and your sellers only have to keep track of ONE piece of paper!

Remember this formula for your next fundraiser:



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Buzz, The Fundraising Fly!
*Brought to you by Butter Braid Brand Fundraising